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Item # BC 1  Wolverine 60 year old bridge timber with crazyklaw Very white all of this tree has been sold just a few items left So if you want wolvy grab it now Even Robert Ruck has wolvy for classical We are suppliers to the world's master builders  And we are affordable. Give me 60 for this one Sold as what u see I'd what u get Bidder bidder bidder give up a bid
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TEXTING ONLY 604 674 2250

email me dacosta@sprucetonewood.com



A quickie uke build

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

Posted by TexasUke in Official TexasUke Forum

While waiting for the lacquer to cure on the little left-handed, parlor-size guitar I built I decided to use up some of the scrap pieces of wood lying around and build a uke.  It had been several years since I had build a concert uke and as it turned out the wood I had was just the right size.  I had a couple book matched pieces of mahogany that would yield one-piece front and back and a side each.  So that's what I used.




Then, in mid build, I started getting in touch with my inner Padma and Emma.  I decided that I would do something different for reinforcing the sound hole.  I put the reinforcement patch on the outside and then made it a little fancy.




I liked the effect so much that I decided to add a few more furbelows to the body.




Since I was using scrap pieces where possible I was quite surprised by the fingerboard.  I found a dark piece of wood in a pile that was just about the right size.  It was very dark and I really couldn't identify it.  But when I cut it I started to see the distinctive coloration of purple heart.  And since it has been out in the light it has gotten more purple.  Kind of a nice surprise.


Finally I decided to do something different for the peghead.




Years ago my friend Don had cut me a bunch pieces similar to the piece of maple using his CNC router with just the eastern border of Texas being shown.  I used to put an overlay of contrasting wood that had the western border of Texas cut into it; you know, the New Mexico part.  But this time I simply cut a small trough.  After I had finished the uke I thought I could have put some ebony and turquoise dust in the trough to highlight the border.  And I may yet.  The turquoise would be for the Rio Grande of course.


I'm still working on the setup.  I've found that with such a short scale, 345 mm, the action height is critical.  With too high an action the tune is greatly affected by fretting the strings.  I have gotten it pretty close.  It's a cute little cuss and sounds pretty sweet.  But I'll tell you, between the close strings and really close frets near the body it is a challenge to make chords.




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Glued up the binding- How to fix the channel areas that are too wide.

25 Jun 2015

Posted by Brad Hofrichter in Open Build Talk

Hi guys,


I've glued on the bindings. My first binding job. The channels were chiseled by hand.  I'm posting photos here. But  I need help in fixing this without pulling the bindings off and starting over.  It seems no matter how I tried the channels were done poorly. I have extra space between the side and the bindings,   In some areas like the cutaway it's even worse. Too wide. Can I melt some white plastic binding with acetone and fill in the areas. Then scrap to fit as best as I can ? Or does anyone else have a better idea. Some of the areas I think could be left and I could use that fix where I sand some sawdust into the crack with CA glue. However there are some areas where that is just too wideas in the cutaway.  Any suggestions ?   Thanks

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No Auctions this Saturday

25 Jun 2015

Posted by DaCosta Hybrid in Tonewood Talk
On the road back home will be cutting new wood when I get back
So 2 to 3 weeks we gonna be rocking
So watch out the new wood will be flowing
Also pickup new wood along the way
So get your Katz licks together as we have a pride of alot of wood
Inge is walking and life is going to be good my friends
Let's get to building.
Will be rocking with more buildalomgs soon

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