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Live Auctions Every Saturday and Wednesday 2 to 6 pm Pacific.

Enter the Chatroom to bid or text me 6046742250

Landline voice 250 615 2800 TEXTING ONLY 604 674 2250 email me dacosta@sprucetonewood.com



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Landline voice 250 615 2800

TEXTING ONLY 604 674 2250

email me dacosta@sprucetonewood.com



Happy Birthday Craig Southern

Today, 08:31 AM

Posted by Bobalou in Announcements



Happy Birthday Craig, have a great day.

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Beavers, pure luck, and a Padma update.

26 Aug 2015

Posted by the Padma in Announcements

Beavers, pure luck, and a Padma update.



Up here in the great white north they say there are only two machine manufactures worth buying.

Old Generals and Old Beavers. Now many of you might not heared tell of Beaver who became

Rockwell back in the 50's. Non the less, every highschool shop class had one or the other brands

and us old timers really prize them. Ya big, heavy cast iron that was aged in the cold freezing

Canadian winters for two years befor being machined so theres NO warps in the castings.


So all this just fell into me lap....


8 inch cabinet makers table saw...double belt 2 hp

two 4 inch double table jointers,one of them a long bed.

a lathe

a scrole saw

and a band saw, 9 in rip depth with 3 new hook toof rippin blades.


All Beavers and all for $400! All in working condition except for the lathe..needs bearings. Boy did the Padma luck out.


There was also a small Beaver table saw in A1 runing condition which me gave to some young

kid just getting started...like me really don't need 6 table saws.


So alls me need now is a Beaver drill press,  and the shaper and duh Padma has himself a full blowen, antique collectors wood shop. Up hear in Canada thats a wood workers dream.


Sorry no pictures, me has lots of them but for some reason beyond my understanding me has been unable to post pics to this forum for 2 months now...no problems on other forums...just here....hmmmm.


But wait ...thats not all...


Apple, pear and and and Apricot yes apricot ~ enough for about 15 fretboards, a wack of tail pieces, heals and head pates. Plus enough cherry for about 30-40 fretboards a few necks backs and ribs. All bone dry. All for $50. Since me now down to about 2 builds a year that should last me to me hundreth birthday.



Me happy camper.


Now besides remodeling the breakout shop to accomodate all the new Beavers, the rest of this year me is rebuilding my front porch/deck, laying down 1500sqft of T&G old growth clear quartersawn fir flooring in the house, and building all new kitchen cabinets of the same fir which means my fantacy workshop has to be compleatly dismantled to lay down the flooring All that translates to shop closed...me not painting or building nuffin with strings till next summer. Sorry dudes.


So a few months back me sat down and admitted to me self that the body aint 65 no more, me can bearly walk up all the stairs ~ me joint is 3 storys tall with break out in basment, assembly on main floor, bedroom and paint studio up top...then that heart specialist Dr. wanted to put a stent in me heart, turn me into a psyborg, put me on white mans medicine for the rest of me life, not to mention more drugs to counter act the effects of the other drugs. Me couldent touch me toes and me gotts this shit load of work to do around the castle.



me quit smoking

don't do dead between bread no more,

won't eat anything that came in a can or out of a box,

planted a garden and been eating rabit food.

then for 2 months me been doin 2 hrs, everyday of Qigong and Chen style Tai Che (is the most aggressive energetic militant style of Tai Che)

Work out on the exersize machines in the park 3 days a week and did a few rounds of Ayahuasca ceremonies to boot.


Me now standing straight, bones no longer a creekin, running up and down the stairs....with no

frigen stent or statin drugs. In fact the heart specialist Dr. who wanted to turn me into a psyborg, well me ran into him a few days ago...dude didn't even recognize duh Padma.


Yup me fealing me oats again, eyballin the younger ladies and thinkin of dying me hair and beard so they might look back....you know...pink and blue with a white streek.


No stent. No drugs. Just propper diet and good old exersizin.


Oh ya me finally got the rabbit cut in the sliders box, some router, some dremel routing and some chisel work but she is done...gonna band her in fiddle back maple with bwb purflings...but not till next summer.


Oh and there is a forest fire about 5 hr drive through the mountains from here... many houses lost, well the wind changed last night and by six this evening me cant see the mts on the other side of this tiny valley me live in....Glad me don't gotts no asma problem.


Is gonna be a long while befor me start posting again so till then,

blessings to you all


duh Padma




Ps... and when me do turns one hundred and they ask me my secret of long life, me gonna tell em 2 packs a day for 55years....thats one pack of smokes and a 6 pack of brown beer...It also helps to change wives about every 10 years...you know just to be keep the blood pumpin.

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Steve's wood collection - looking for good homes

25 Aug 2015

Posted by Stephen Stevens Guitars in Steve Stevens Builds
This is Steve's nephew John posting an update.  We're in the process of finding good homes for Steve's collection of tonewoods.  Prior to his passing, we made a large donation to a local guitar school and then saved the best.  We started a site on Facebook  www.facebook.com/stephenstevensguitars  (easiest to scroll thru on a PC versus a mobile device that tends to cut-off after a few posts) to help bring in a few dollars for Steve and Pattie to defer some of the medical expenses.  Also, Steve wanted the wood used to build 'great' guitars and not end up in a garage sale.  I'll try to post an item to highlight every few days.  But if you go to the link above you can see everything.  I've tried to price reasonably based on Steve's direction, but if you like something and it looks overpriced, plse reach out and i'm sure we can work something out.  Thx to everybody!
You can contact me at 650-283-1700 or respond to the listing on Facebook.  
Below - White Kermode DaCosta Hybrid Spruce billet (archtop, or can be resawed)...8" W x 34" L x 1 7/8" T.  $150 plus shipping.

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