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    Fitting bars on the top

    By Somerby,

    Michael - I am working on the top work board, and i noticed that the lay out of the dome intersects the harmonic bar below the sound hole in such a way that it is flat at the edges and slightly curved in the middle. Also, the long outer fans in this design do the same. These seem complicated to fit. How did you manage this?


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    Mario is hospitalized in Vancouver

    By Dean,

    Mario is hospitalized in Vancouver after suffering an aneurysm. Inge has been giving us updates on Face Book because the forum went done at the same time, and we were all at a loss on how to get things back up and running. Lucky, Inge figured it out!

    Inge says, "Well the news today Mario will have surgery asap ..They will give him some more time to stabilize as there is swelling in the brain.But was told they need to do it sooner rather than later in the next week or 2 as there is the chance it can happen again. So now we wait until that day and go from there..again thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support,well wishes and just being there"

    We will keep updates as they happens....

    Keep Mario and Inge in your thoughts and prayers during these uncertain times.




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    Email me

    By conleym,

    Please email me if you are participating in this build along. The site has been down a week and I want to be sure I have a way to continue the builds if the site goes down again. My email is: 


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    Head stock thickness

    Brad Hofrichter
    By Brad Hofrichter,


    I hope you can help with  a suggestion.  I am still making that Archtop as to The Benedetto  plans. I am looking at and measuring the headstock thickness and either I've miscalculated or something but it's a thickness of 23/32 of an inch. tapered to apox 20/32 of an inch. I guess I didn't calculate for the height of the washer and nut on the top of the tuning machine which comes up about 3/32 of an inch higher than it should affecting the string area for wrap around. The hole in the peg is just too low.  Here's my question. My first thought is to sand down the back of the head stock 3/32 of an inch to expose 3/32 of an inch more on the post on top of the headstock which is what I need. But, I saw  this photo.  And I thought this might work. trace around the washer a circle and take down 3/32 of an inch deep on the top of the headstock for each tuning peg. This would allow for more post to be available for the string. solve the problem, and I wouldn't have to destroy and sand off all the rosewood veneer on the back. 


    Here's The photo of my thought process.  Tom Bills photo shows a tiny "circular indent".  and the other three are my guitar's headstock.   What do you think ?

    Picture 12.jpg


    Picture 14.jpg

    Picture 10.jpg

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